Sunday, July 18

who is this joker?

or - what? another blog?

a little bit about myself; i am a 38 years old male who lives in oklahoma city (yes, by choice).  i have been married for nearly 15 years and have two girls, ages 7 and 2.  we have owned the business Vintage timeless Coffee  for three years.  i have a degree in Advertising/Public Relations (that took me 10+ years to get) and i have worked in the food service industry for 22 years.

i am an extremely flawed individual with poor habits who is fortunately loved by God.  i am (by nature) an introvert who has learned to reasonably function in business and society.  i love my 93 Toyota 4x4 truck, my poor-broken-soon-to-be-sold 85 Toyota MR2 and most anything else on wheels.  i am fond of a lot of different beers and wines and whiskeys, but i seek to only drink in moderation.  i love to eat or cook a lot of different styles of food, but i seek to only eat until i am full.  i am not (by nature) an early adopter, although i did just buy an iPad. 

for those of you i have not succeeded in thoroughly scaring away, read on!